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Regent University

Problem: Previous landing pages within were not engaging students. Overly complicated layout and multiple level pages, Ineffective user funnel and interfaces. Solution: Create a new web property with a flat design style, improved sign-up funnel, improved visual hierarchy, redesigned user interfaces, incorporated iconography, photographs, contrasting colors using Regent’s primary and secondary color palettes to …

Becker Media Website

Problem: Dated design and content, Low SEO rank, No CMS/difficult to update, design is not responsive and fails to support smaller devices, lack of user engagement.  Solution: Established SEO strategy; applied throughout design, production and updates. Redesigned website to be responsive with all devices, establish a Word Press based CMS, incorporate content with photographs and …


Problem: Outdoorsy’s listings had essentially out-grown the previous layout. One of the major downsides to this was the contribution to a lower SEO score. Despite best practices in SEO, this was still significant enough to warrant a redesign. Solution: Working with a consulting team including analytics and subject matter experts, we researched and determined what …

Bandwidth Place

Problem: was using a layout that did not prioritize space for their data nor did it have a consistent visual representation. Solution: While working with a consulting team, I lead the user interface design stage as well as responsive layout and branding application. The previous layout was not well organized and displayed a loose …


Landing Page for DocuSign new subscribers campaign. I was provided copy and creative direction from internal teams to design a Banner/Landing page package in Fall 2011. Roles: Concept, Brand, Image Sourcing, Layout, Typography Technology: HTML, CSS, jQuery, Drupal

Schoola Homepage

Homepage Design paired with Email Creative and Display Ads for seasonal specials. This project was based on early growth spurts with kids. Schoola sells gently used children’s clothes. I suggested and illustrated images supporting growth in the mock ups and final designs. Roles: Creative Direction, Image Sourcing, Design, Layout, Brand Compliance, Typography Technology: Bootstrap, WordPress

Email Creatives

While working with Alibris, I was tasked with designing, producing and maintaining the email creatives used in a variety of campaigns. Roles: Design, Layout, Brand Compliance, Typography, HTML, CSS.