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Becker Media Business Cards

Business Cards

I was responsible for leading the branding transition in all of Becker’s collateral. Business cards redesigned for all employees, debuted at APSCU 2018 with redesigned event booth and backdrop. Roles: Branding, Creative Direction, Layout, Typography

Email Creatives

  Email Campaign paired with Homepage Design and Display Ads for Schoola seasonal specials. This project was based on early growth spurts with kids. Schoola sells gently used children’s clothes. I suggested and illustrated images supporting growth in the mock ups and final designs. Roles: Creative Direction, Image Sourcing, Design, Layout, Brand Compliance, Typography

Email Creatives

While working with Alibris, I was tasked with designing, producing and maintaining the email creatives used in a variety of campaigns. Roles: Design, Layout, Brand Compliance, Typography, HTML, CSS.